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June Mystery Box

June Mystery Box

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Mystery box orders may include any other item in stock. 

Each box will have 2 hard case pins.

*** Boxes ship end of the 1st week of each month! ***

Guaranteed minimum value of each box is $30. The $30 value is the value of a pin at retail price/eBay pricing. 

ONE BOX PER ORDER ONLY. If a second box is ordered, or an extra item is added, they must be done as a separate order.  ORDERS CONTAINING MORE THAN ONE BOX OR ONE ITEM WILL BE CANCELLED. 

30 Boxes Total

Pins to expect:

1. There is 1 Grand Prize which is the NYCC Halloween Bakugo LE Pin. A second place prize is the Bait Gold and White Freiza. 

2. The rest of the pool consist of mostly common pins, with some exclusives scattered in the boxes.

4. All pins are hard case, 1st edition pins.  


1.) You will get: 1 pin valued at a minimum of $15.00 and a second pin.

2.) By purchasing this mystery box, you agree that you understand you are not guaranteed a Grail, Con-Exclusive, and/or Limited Edition Pin. You could get a common pin. It is truly the luck of the draw! 

3.) All GenX Collectibles Mystery Box runs are sold AS IS and no returns will be accepted. There are no refunds. 

4.) Free Shipping does not apply with Mystery Boxes and you cannot add on to mystery box orders. ONE BOX PER ORDER. (Please do not check the Free Shipping option at check out or your order will be cancelled).

If you have questions about how all this works, contact GenX Support

Thank you and Good Luck!